What is FatBug? FatBug is a Windows desktop Trac client that improves the way you search, filter, organize, create and update your tickets.Productivity skyrockets with FatBug.


FatBug complements the Trac web interface by helping you search, filter and organize your tickets in ways that Trac alone cannot. You can work across multiple bug databases and view your tickets offline using a single unified interface. FatBug decreases the time you spend in your bug tracking software and lets you focus more time on development. With many features that enhance your experience and productivity you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got along without it.

Why use FatBug? Simply put, productivity will skyrocket.


It’s Simple. FatBug makes your web-based bug tracking system easier to use, faster to access, and customizable to the way you work.

It’s Easy to Adopt. FatBug installs super easy and uses a familiar interface so you’ll be up and running instantly.

It’s Inexpensive. Low cost and easy implementation makes FatBug an easy addition to your tool belt. What it will save you in productivity will pay for itself many times over, quickly.


    Productivity Enhancing Features:

    • Lightning fast powerful search capability
    • Create, update and view tickets offline
    • Hotkey support for instant access to the most common features (open new ticket, search, screen capture)
    • Search tickets by any field
    • Include/exclude of individual field values
    • Nested hierarchical filter capability
    • Search wiki pages quickly by title
    • Tabbed interface for working with multiple tasks at once
    • Supports multiple servers, credentials and Trac instances
    • Sort by any column
    • Automatically supports custom fields
    • Update multiple tickets
    • Ticket buckets


    For Team Members:

    • Use ticket search to find existing tickets, avoid entering duplicates
    • Capture screenshots, annotate/highlight, and send directly to a ticket in mere seconds
    • FatBug gives you full access to tickets when you're offline.


    For Team Leads/Managers:

    • Maintain a private set of advanced filters in an intuitive interface
    • Work across multiple bug tracker instances seamlessly
    • Multi-select tickets and create quick HTML emails with links
    • Load a list of tickets from arbitrary text